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Regular Roof Garages

If you’re like most Americans, you depend on your vehicle to get to work, run errands, and a lot more. Leaving something that important unprotected and exposed means that your whole life is vulnerable to a major disruption in the event of bad weather, thieves, or other unforeseen trouble.

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The Best Regular Roof Garages in the Business

At Global Carport, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the best custom metal building dealer in the USA. Here are some examples of the high-quality structures we offer.

SKU : MEGA184013RRS61

18x40x13 Regular Style Garage

  • Width18
  • Length40
  • Height13
SKU : MEGA183612RRS121

18x36x12 Regular Style Garge

  • Width18
  • Length36
  • Height12
SKU : MEGA12267RRS128

12x26x7 Regular Style Garage

  • Width12
  • Length26
  • Height7
SKU : MEGA242613RRS120

24x26x13 Regular Style Garage

  • Width24
  • Length26
  • Height13
SKU : MEGA183612RRS192

18x36x12 Regular Style Garage

  • Width18
  • Length36
  • Height12
SKU : MEGA183009VRS161

18x30x9 A-Frame Vertical Garage

  • Width18
  • Length30
  • Height9
SKU : MEGA202607RRS145

20x26x7 Regular Style Garage

  • Width20
  • Length26
  • Height7

What Makes Regular Roof Garages So Special?

Our regular roof custom metal garages come with horizontally aligned panels and slope down into rounded corners, making them perfect for areas that experience moderate weather. This style of metal garage is extremely popular thanks to the incredible durability it provides relative to its economical pricing.

Unlike our custom metal carports, which generally are open on the sides, a regular roof garage is an entirely enclosed steel structure. This means that it’s an incredibly versatile building, one that you can customize to suit a wide variety of situations.

What Can a Regular Roof Garage Be Used For?

Thanks to the twin benefits of durability and versatility, a regular roof garage from Global Carport can be a whole lot more than just a secure place to park your car:

Multi-Vehicle Parking

The most obvious use of a regular roof garage is to protect your vehicle. If you’ve got more than one, you can customize the size of your structure to suit your needs.

Art Studio

For artists, having a private and dedicated space to work on your craft is invaluable. A custom metal garage could be the perfect solution.

Home Gym

Sometimes, the hardest part about working out consistently is having to go all the way to the gym. The answer? Turn your custom regular roof garage into the perfect home workout area!

Home Office

When you’re working from home, it can be difficult to escape the temptation of distraction. Use a standard roof custom metal garage as dedicated office space and get more done, distraction-free.

Equipment Storage

Get organized by putting all of your tools and important equipment in one secure place by customizing your steel structure into an equipment storage shed!

Common Regular Roof Garage Customization Options

With all this talk about customization, you might be wondering exactly what aspects of your Global Carport regular roof garage you can change. Once you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re going to use your custom steel structure for, you can pick the right options to customize, including the size, the doors & windows, the anchors, the gauge of the steel framing, the wainscoting, and the certifications that you want (or need).

The other important aspect to consider for customization is the color! Regular roof garages from Global Carport can be ordered in thirteen different colors to suit your taste. We’ve got something for everyone, including Black, Barn Red, White, Slate Blue, Sandstone, Rawhide, Quaker Grey, Pewter Grey, Pebble Beige, Evergreen, Earth Brown, Clay, or Burgundy.

How Much Does a Regular Roof Garage Cost?

The selections you make for customization are going to play a large part in determining your regular roof garage pricing, but several other things can affect the final total as well. The best way to get an accurate quote is to give us a call at (800) 918-7432, and let one of our experienced building specialists walk you through it. The base price for our regular roof garages is $2,995, and we adjust the total based on customization options selected, location, steel frame gauge size, the manufacturer, etc.

We want to help as many people as possible discover the joy of owning their own custom metal regular roof garage, so we offer two financing options to make the decision easier. One great option is our rent-to-own program, allowing you to make payments over time until the building is all yours. We also offer a special direct financing program.

How Can a Regular Roof Garage Benefit You?

Every year, thousands of customers discover how buying a regular roof garage from Global Carport can benefit them. Here’s what they’ve learned.

Save on Car Insurance

Car insurance companies will look for any excuse to raise your premiums, but by parking in a secure steel garage, you’ll finally see your rates move in the other direction.

Protection From the Elements

Regular roof garages from Global Carport are incredibly durable and will reduce wear and tear on your vehicle and other equipment caused by constant exposure to the weather.

Deter Vandals & Thieves

A vehicle left parked in the driveway is an open target for everything from childish pranks to grand auto theft. A secure regular roof steel garage eliminates these types of risks.

Exclusive 20-Year Warranty

We believe in the durability of our custom steel structures so much that we offer an incredible 20-year rust-through warranty, giving you extended peace of mind.

Enough Space To Get Organized

With a little customization, you can finally have a place for everything, eliminating stressful clutter and gaining an appreciation for the things you’ve accumulated.

Experience the Difference a Regular Roof Garage from Global Carport Can Make!

No matter what you have planned for your custom metal regular roof garage, you should stay focused on what matters, quality materials, and expert customer service support. Our commitment to those ideals is the reason that custom metal buildings from Global Carport are considered the best in the industry. On top of that incredible quality is the fact that we offer the most competitive prices in the industry, have the fastest lead times, and even offer free delivery and installation.

Call now on (800) 918-7432 for a fast and easy quote from one of our world-class building experts!

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