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Regular Roof Barns

Regular roof barns are becoming more popular with people all over the country due to their versatile nature, attractive look, and reasonable pricing. They create additional shelters for animals, vehicles, and equipment and protect whatever you store in them from harmful UV rays and all types of weather. With a range of sizing options, you can enjoy all that these amazing benefits regular style metal barns have to offer without breaking the bank. Call us today at (800) 918-7432 to get the ball rolling!

World Class Regular Roof Steel Barns By Global Carport

When you choose Global Carport to provide your regular roof barns, you can be confident that they will deliver on style, quality, and affordability. Check out their range now and order yours today.

SKU : MEBA363112RRS71

36x31x12 Regular Style Barn

  • Width36
  • Length31
  • Height12
SKU : MEBA422612RRS69

42x26x12 Regular Style Barn

  • Width42
  • Length26
  • Height12
SKU : MEBA542112RRS70

54x21x12 Regular Style Barn

  • Width54
  • Length21
  • Height12

What Makes Regular Roof Barns So Special?

The unique design of regular style metal barns makes them a great choice for anyone that needs to protect their belongings. Made with curved corners and horizontal paneling, you can be certain that anything you put under this roof will be safe and secure.

One of the most important design features of these roof barns is that it has one central area, flagged by two lean-tos, maximizing the area you have to work. This type of roof is ideal in areas where you need to protect your things from damage by sun and heat.

Regular roof barn buildings are extremely durable; you can be confident that they will not collapse or need replacing for many years to come.

The Many Different Ways To Use Your Regular Roof Barns

When you invest in a regular roof barn, you will be amazed at the range of use. Check out some of these below:

Protecting livestock

These roof barns are a great addition, especially when you have young animals that are more susceptible to climate changes - shelter them by installing a regular roof barn.

Creating an equestrian area

you can use this new space as an equestrian shelter that gives your horses space to move freely without needing to go out into the heat.

Housing your vehicles

with the extraordinary amount of space these barns offer, you can house more than one vehicle. From farm machines to cars, motorhomes, and RVs, these regular style metal barns are an ideal choice.

Storing your kit

many people install regular roof prefab barns as a storage space for equipment that they use on their land, but you can also use it as storage for your boat or other watercraft when they are out of the water.

Creating a feeding area

use your space to create a feeding area for your animals so that they can enjoy a meal under shelter, no matter the weather.

Create Regular Roof Barn Buildings To Suit Your Specifications

Everyone has different needs when it comes to finding the right regular roof metal barns, so take time to customize yours to suit your circumstances and get the building you need.

You can select from the different sizes and a variety of roof styles available for your regular roof steel barn. You can personalize the doors and windows and even the anchors, gauges, wainscoting, certification, and much more. Therefore, you must have a good idea of what you want so that you end up with the right regular roof barn the first time around. When you choose Global Carport, you can also customize your regular roof barns' color to suit your property. With thirteen different colors, you can make your selection from Black, Barn Red, White, Slate Blue, Sandstone, Rawhide, Quaker Gray, Pewter Gray, Pebble Beige, Evergreen, Earth Brown, Clay, and Burgundy.

How Much Will l Pay for My Regular Style Metal Barns?

When you are considering regular roof prefab barns, you may be keen to find out the cost so you can work out the affordability. You can expect prices to start at around $3200. This price is variable as it depends on the size you choose, any additional customizations, where you are located, and the manufacturer you choose to use.

If you do not have the money need to buy your regular roof metal barns upfront, then the good news is there are a wide range of financing options for you to make use of. Global Carport offers a rent to own program and a financing program that you can choose, so you do not need to delay getting your new metal building installed.

The Benefits You Can Expect When You Choose Regular Roof Barns

Picking these roof barns is an excellent choice and comes with a wide range of benefits. Find out what you can expect when you install one on your land:

Quick and easy installation

No matter the size you choose, regular roof barns are quick and easy to install. All you need to do is mark out where you want it to be installed.

Versatile usage

It may be one building, but it offers lots of different uses so that you can utilize the extra space however you need; vehicles, animals, and storage are just some of the options open to you.

Durable design

Made from high-quality materials, you can be sure that your regular roof steel barns will last for many years and provide the same level of service as it ages.

Simple customization

With many different ways of customizing yours – from colors to sizes and materials - you are sure to end up with a building that meets your needs.


When you choose regular roof barns, you are not just getting a quality product; you will be getting one that is cost-effective so that you do not have to break the bank.

Invest In A Regular Roof Barn Today

It is clear that regular roof steel barns from Global Carport offer the versatility you want, with an exclusive 20-year warranty that will give you peace of mind. With so many possible uses and customization choices, you can look forward to creating a space that works for you in a color that looks great on your land. Whatever you choose, Global Carport has the product for you.

Call us today at (800) 918-7432, and start customizing your new regular roof barn!

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