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Ohio Farm Facts

Ohio agriculture is big business; it accounts for almost $124 billion in annual income and employs 1 in 8 resident workers. With nearly 14 million acres involved in agricultural enterprises, the industry is widely diversified. Ohio agriculture uses metal buildings for everything from housing hogs to storing corn. The sector has grown by over 2% every year since 2005!

  • Ohio produces over 200 products and leads in more than 35 product areas
  • Ohio farmers harvested approximately 5 million acres of soybeans in 2020
  • Ohio is home to nearly 600 certified organic farms
  • Ohio produces almost 10 billion eggs a year!
  • Ohio hosts 3400 sheep farms that house over 119,000 sheep and lambs

Whether a large-scale industrial farm or a family business, Ohio agriculture has opportunities for everyone. Metal buildings in Ohio provide reliable security and energy-efficient storage for every agricultural need.

Metal Buildings for Ohio’s Farmers and Ranchers

Metal Building for Residential Farming – Many farmers and industrial enterprises operate in Ohio, and metal buildings are important for supporting them! Global Carport steel structures provide strength, durability, functionality, and convenience. Ohio metal buildings can be used to shelter livestock, equipment, and storage. Steel buildings are engineered for energy-efficient storage; thus, they are ideal for storing crops and seeds. They make excellent steel barns, hay sheds, stables, offices, and more. If you are a farmer or rancher in Ohio, there are endless ways you could benefit from installing a steel farm building!

Metal Buildings for Commercial Farming – Commercial farming is the cultivation of a single crop or livestock over a large area. The production of large quantities leads to bulk sales and enormous profits! However, such an undertaking requires extensive storage space, giant barns, large machine sheds, a farm office, and more. If you are a commercial farmer or rancher in Ohio, you will benefit from installing custom steel buildings! Global Carport will design and engineer the machine storage, livestock housing, or crop storage you need.

How Metal Buildings Benefit Your Residential Farming

Your enterprise is not a one-size-fits-all business. Whether you’re a family business or a new commercial startup, no one knows your needs better than you! Global Carport is here to support you with custom buildings designed to suit your unique requirements:

1. Metal Barn – Our metal barns are the non-toxic, eco-friendly choice for your farm! With flexible space, customizable options, and a roof rated to withstand inclement weather, you can’t afford to go back to traditional construction. Your livestock and crops deserve the very best. We deliver your product as you want it!

2. Metal Shed – You deserve the best quality storage! We know that your equipment, crops, and belongings are important. Steel is a non-corrosive, fire-resistant material rated by specialists for decades of reliability. High winds and heavy snows are no match for our reinforced steel roofs and expertly engineered design.

3. Metal Storage Buildings – Metal storage buildings from Global Carport feature steel frames that are highly rated for snow or wind. Fire-resistant and non-corrosive steel make this building the perfect choice for you. For assistance designing your custom metal building, don’t hesitate to call one of the experts at Global Carport. We’ll be happy to provide you with a quick quote, delivery options, installation requirements, and more!

4. Clear Span Buildings – When your agricultural business requires flexibility, you need the architecture of a clear span Ohio metal building. Without interior pillars cluttering your floorplan design, you can create and recreate a layout that accommodates you!

5. Commercial Buildings – If you’re tired of trying to find a crumbling old building that “might work” for your enterprise, it’s time to invest in the versatility of commercial metal buildings! Our steel structures are cost-effective than ordinary timber buildings. You’ll find steel buildings insurance premiums are lower than wood or brick, too!

6.Customs Buildings – We offer an endless variety of options, so your agricultural building is built just as you dreamed it. Do you want a timber veneer exterior? A glass side for a greenhouse? Extra overhead doors for easy tractor access? Our experts are happy to coordinate these custom options with you and calculate their weights into the building schematic! Whatever you’re dreaming of, our fantastic team can make it happen!

Global Carport Delivers the Best Ohio Steel Structure

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, Ohio – we don’t! Global Carport is committed to providing the best metal buildings to the agricultural sector. We have the best customer service and the best prices!

We believe in our products, which is why every metal building comes with our workmanship and panel warranties. You won’t find more committed customer representatives or more loyal professionals anywhere. When you purchase a building from us, you’re getting more than a metal barn – you’re getting a team of engineers, certified experts, and devoted customer service representatives who care about your ultimate satisfaction. Call today at (800) 918-7432 and discover the Global Carport difference!