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More Companies Are Using Metal Buildings Than Ever Before!

If you are a business owner, you have likely heard of the steel buildings revolution, with more than 75% of businesses choosing to install steel commercial buildings instead of opting for more traditional building methods. However, do you know why they are doing this? It's simple – steel buildings are cheaper, last longer, and use fewer materials, as well as offering a green solution in a time of climate change. The technology that is used to create these metal workshops and buildings is also changing too, with new findings helping us to create buildings that work better and last longer than ever before. In short – now is the time to choose metal!

Four Fashionable Industries That Have Chosen Commercial Buildings

As metal workshops and buildings are infinitely customizable, many people are choosing them to create the coolest new offerings around. As steel is so versatile, cost-effective, and durable, many interesting business ventures are choosing to use them, including:

  • Doggie Daycare – pet day boarding is more popular than ever, with so many of us heading out to work each day. If you own a dog, then your chosen doggie daycare may be considering investing in steel as it is tough and can withstand the excitement, hustle, and bustle that comes with a pack of dogs! When you consider that steel is rust and fire resistant too, you will be able to relax in work knowing that your pooch is being well looked after in the safest possible environment.
  • Event Hire in Steel – another industry that is booming with steel is the event hire industry. As metal buildings can be customized in any size and shape, more event companies are choosing this low-cost option to create the perfect event space for hire. Plus, steel buildings offer a clear span option, meaning that your large guest list can be accommodated in one room, letting everyone mingle and chat as you enjoy your day.
  • Surfing Shops – if you love nothing more than surfing, then take a look at your favorite surf shop, as it is more than likely to be made out of steel. Most surf shops are located near a beach or body of water, and so they need to be constructed out of hardy materials that will not rust or get damp. Steel is completely rust and damp resistant and also offers excellent protection from the elements, making it the ideal solution for surf shop owners.
  • Artist Studio Space – finding the best space to create can be difficult for artists, especially if you are looking for a larger space that is affordable and can handle a range of materials being stored and used. Many artists opt for metal buildings as they are highly customizable and can be designed to fit their needs, with some even opting to have a gallery section added so that they do not need to transport their work when it comes to showing it to an audience.

The Reasons Why All Types of Businesses Are Considering Steel Workshops

When you start to look into metal buildings, you will find that more and more companies are choosing steel. The reasons for this vary depending on the individual's needs, but more often than not, it can be characterized by one of the following:

  • Metal Buildings are Customizable – when it comes to designing a building that works for you, none are more customizable than steel. From roof style to wall color and shape to size, there is very little that cannot be customized when you choose metal! This means that you can ensure that your branding and style are reflected in your new building, helping you to draw in more customers than ever before.
  • Steel Buildings Offer Versatility – another great reason for choosing a steel building is that they are incredibly versatile no matter what your needs are. Many businesses like this as they can create dual-function spaces and also have the opportunity to change the purpose of the building should they need to swap their business model.
  • Metal Buildings are Cheap to Run – when it comes to paying your utilities, you will not get a cheaper bill than when you own a metal building. Metal buildings can be well insulated, making winters warmer and summers cooler so that you don’t need to turn on the heating or AC as much.
  • Metal Buildings are Durable – when you are investing money into a building, most business owners want the best value. The great news is that a metal workshop cost is considerably lower than a traditionally built building – saving you cash!
  • Steel is Easy to Install – if you need a business building quickly, then steel is the best choice and comes prefabricated and ready to go. All you need is a crew, and you can have your building up and running in days.
  • Steel Suits All Industries – Whether you are a restaurant or factory owner, agriculture or office, a metal building can be designed to fit your needs. In fact, if your industry requires a building, you can be certain that a metal version can be made for you!

Let Global Carport Help You Find the Best Metal Building

If you have decided to invest in a metal building, then Global Carport is the obvious supplier. Not only are we the leading dealer of metal buildings in the United States, but our metal workshop cost calculations are always the lowest you will find for a building of the same quality.

We have an outstanding team of metal building experts who are ready to help, and we pride ourselves on offering the very best customer service possible so that you end up with the right solution for your needs.

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