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Covered vs. Enclosed Riding Arenas

If you are considering installing a new riding arena, then you are probably wondering whether to choose a covered or enclosed building. There are a number of considerations, including budget, the needs of your horses and riders, climate, and the area you are located in. All consumers have a number of restrictions they have to work with, but it is still essential that you end up with a building that will work for you.

We think that covered metal arenas are a great choice because they provide shelter from hot summer weather and ensure that a breeze is able to circulate. However, if you are in a colder climate, then you may be thinking that an enclosed arena is better because it would keep the warmth in and the cold out. We took a look at both types of buildings and have shared our findings so that you can use them to help you make your decision and get the right riding arena with minimal fuss and hassle.

How an Enclosed Horse Riding Arena Works

If you are keen to learn more about an enclosed horse arena structure, you first need to know about the roof system that is made from fabric and timber. This combination works to keep as much of the heat in as possible so that the arena is warm for horses, riders, and spectators. However, in the summer, this can become difficult to cope with, especially if you are in a warm climate and want to be able to open it up to draw in the air.

The walls of an enclosed space are made from timber and can be built to fit your door, and window needs to allow your horses to enter with ease. They can also be divided up to create spectator areas and spectator entrances if you need this too. Ultimately, a completely enclosed horse arena is the perfect solution for an area that is cold all year round, but the issue with timber constructions is that they do not last as long, they are not as dependable, and when they are used in a wet or damp environment, their lifespan reduces greatly.

The Main Benefits of Covered Metal Horse Riding Arenas

Understanding your options is an essential part of the decision-making process, and if you are located somewhere that experiences a range of weather over the year, or you are somewhere with a temperate or hotter climate, then choosing a covered metal horse barn is going to work out better for you and your horses. Still unsure? Check out the main benefits of covered metal horse barns now:

Covered horse barns are cheaper to maintain – running a business that involves horses is always going to be expensive, and it is vital that you make savings wherever possible. With this in mind, steel barns are the ideal option because they have low maintenance needs and only require annual checks to ensure that everything is working well. They are also very simple to repair if there is ever a problem as the parts are easily changed for new, prefabricated pieces whenever they are needed. Covered metal barns are cheap – still thinking about maintaining a low budget, steel barns are much cheaper to buy, especially if you opt for a prefabricated horse barn kit that can be delivered directly to your site ready for quick construction without the need to work with multiple suppliers or expensive contractors. Covered riding arenas are simple to set up – when it comes to choosing the design of your new building, metal arenas are easier to design and much simpler to build and setup, meaning that your new metal horse barn will be up and running in very little time, maximizing your profit potential!

Metal barns are easy to expand – if you find that your horse business or requirements change, then a covered arena made from steel can be easily expanded to meet the demand. All you have to do is speak to a specialist service like ours to arrange the additional space you need so that you can achieve your goals. Covered arenas provide the quality you want – another obvious benefit of choosing a covered metal arena is that you will be able to enjoy the levels of quality that will offer you the best results for many years to come. Metal buildings last longer than timber structures, are easier to maintain, and come with a variety of choices so that you not only end up with the design you want but the quality that you need. Your horses will be safer – creating a space that provide your horses with the right footing will not only protect them from injury but reduce the strain put on them, providing the best protection. A covered space not only offers this but gives you shelter from the elements so that it is not diminished over time.

There are many more benefits from choosing a covered metal horse arena, and if you are not yet convinced, then our team at Global Carport would love the opportunity to discuss these in more depth when you give us a call at (800) 918-7432!

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