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Commercial Metal Buildings

There are two simple reasons why commercial metal buildings have exploded in popularity in recent years. The first is durability. The strength of steel structures allows them to withstand all manner of bad weather without damage. The second reason is their flexibility. A custom commercial metal building can be designed to meet an incredibly diverse range of needs.

Here’s What Our Commercial Metal Buildings Look Like

At Global Carport, we offer a huge range of different commercial metal buildings that you can customize to suit your specific needs. Check out some of our best for inspiration!

SKU : MEBU503010VRS142

50x30x10 Commercial Metal Building

  • Width50
  • Length30
  • Height10
SKU : MEBU2010012CB98

20x100x12 Aframe Vertical Roof Storage Unit

  • Width20
  • Length100
  • Height12
SKU : MEBU606016CB44

60x60x16 Fully Enclosed Warehouse

  • Width60
  • Length60
  • Height16
SKU : MEBU324012CB43

32x40x12 A-Frame Warehouse

  • Width32
  • Length40
  • Height12
SKU : MEBU323514CB35

32x35x14 Warehouse

  • Width32
  • Length35
  • Height14
SKU : MEBU10025016CB29

100x250x16 Fully Enlcosed Aframe Warehouse

  • Width100
  • Length250
  • Height16
SKU : MEBU343512CB30

34x35x12 Fully Enclosed Aframe Shop

  • Width34
  • Length35
  • Height12
SKU : MEBU344014CB17

34x40x14 A-Frame All Vertical Fully Enclosed Colonial

  • Width34
  • Length40
  • Height14
SKU : MEBU364020CB37

36x40x20 Aframe Vertical Roof Warehouse

  • Width36
  • Length40
  • Height20
SKU : MEBU403010CB53

40x30x10 Web Truss Building

  • Width40
  • Length30
  • Height10
SKU : MEBU10010016CB50

100x100x16 Warehouse

  • Width100
  • Length100
  • Height16
SKU : MEBU20609CB49

20x60x9 Aframe Storge Unit

  • Width20
  • Length60
  • Height9
SKU : MEBU605012CB48

60x50x12 Warehouse

  • Width60
  • Length50
  • Height12

Why Is There Only One Roof Option?

If you’ve taken a look at our available commercial steel structures, you may have noticed that there’s only one type of roof available, the vertical roof. Due to the large size of commercial buildings, a roof with specialized vertical panels is necessary to provide long-term stability and protect against the dangers of harsh weather and debris accumulation.

The vertical roof features specially engineered vertically-aligned panels that provide excellent protection against extreme weather conditions, allowing snow and other debris to slide right off. It also features additional framing parts that enhance durability and stability. This type of roof also requires a lot less ongoing maintenance than the typical flat or boxed roof and can save you a bundle over the lifetime of your Global Carport building.

Unique Uses of Our Commercial Metal Buildings

The possibilities are endless when it comes to applications and uses for a commercial metal building from Global Carport. Here are a few of our favorites:

Safe Place for Extra Inventory

Buying inventory for your business in bulk is a great way to reduce costs and boost profit. With a commercial metal building, you’ve finally got the dry, secure storage you need to make it possible.

  • Housing Valuable Equipment and Tools – Tools and equipment are expensive investments that deserve to be protected, whether from the elements or thieves. Global Carport buildings will keep your tools and equipment safe from all dangers.
  • Storing Business-Related Vehicles – Do you use multiple vehicles to get around your property? Don’t leave them sitting out overnight to be battered by wind, rain, and snow! Park them in a custom steel structure designed for vehicle storage.
  • An Additional Workspace – It’s hard to overstate the value of having a dedicated workspace for each type of work that you do. With a custom commercial metal building, you can have the extra workspace you deserve!
  • Event Venue – If you’ve got a beautiful property, you can bring in a ton of extra income by hosting events. With a commercial metal building, you can add flexible space to serve as a venue for weddings, retirement parties, or whatever else comes up.

Customize Your Commercial Metal Building

At Global Carport, we know that the customization of your commercial metal building is the best way to ensure you get a perfect solution for all the challenges you face.

We provide you with the ability to customize a variety of different aspects of your structure. Want to customize the side of your building and add a door large enough to fit an RV through? We can do that. Got specific requirements for the windows, frame-outs, and anchors? No problem! Prefer a thicker gauge of steel than our standard? We can bump you up to 12-gauge. Need specific certifications for your local inspectors? We’re happy to provide them.

To provide further customization we’ve also got thirteen different color options available to choose from:

  • Black
  • Barn Red
  • White
  • Slate Blue
  • Sandstone
  • Rawhide
  • Quaker Grey
  • Pewter Grey
  • Pebble Beige
  • Evergreen
  • Earth Brown
  • Clay
  • Burgundy

What Does A Commercial Building Typically Cost?

The best way to find out exactly what your perfect commercial metal building will cost is to call one of our building experts today on (800) 918-7432, but as a general guideline, our prices start around $13,500, and there are several factors which determine the final quote.

Size plays a major role in metal building prices, as do your choices for customization, the manufacturer, the thickness of the steel chosen, and the location of the building. To help you manage the cost of your new commercial metal building there are two financing options; rent-to-own, and our Global Carport financing programs.

What Makes A Commercial Metal Building Worthwhile?

A commercial metal building from Global Carport is one of the best investments you can make. Not only can you customize it to suit your needs now, but it’s also easy to adapt it to new purposes in the future. Other advantages include:

Durable & Long Lasting

Because we use only the highest quality materials, our commercial steel structures are much stronger than wooden structures and will be around for decades.

Weather Resistant

Whether your climate is full of sunshine and wind, or you find yourself constantly plagued by heavy rains and brutal snowstorms, a commercial metal building can handle it.


Fire can destroy your typical building faster than seems possible. With a steel building, there’s no risk of your business going up in flames.

Virtually Maintenance Free

No need to deal with bugs, no need to repaint faded wood, and no critters chewing their way inside. Steel keeps the outdoors out and protects everything inside.


It only takes a few short years for the cost of a typical structure to exceed the upfront price of a commercial metal building. Save on money and stress.

What Are You Waiting For?

With our incredible Global Carport financing options, it’s never been easier to afford a custom commercial metal building. Whether you need durable storage, a flexible sales space, or you just want to replace the termite-infested barn on your property with a clean and safe structure, we’ve got a building for you.

Give us a call today on (800) 918-7432 with your challenges, and let one of our building experts show you a commercial metal building to help you overcome.

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