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Clear Span Buildings

In the world of custom steel structures, clear span building is a unique and beautiful option. The framing system is designed without columns, making it ideal for those who need a large, wide-open interior space. Custom metal buildings have become increasingly popular in recent years, and clear span buildings are leading the way, especially in the agricultural industry.

Our Best Clear Span Buildings

Global Carport’s custom metal buildings are the best in the industry, and our clear span buildings are no exception. These are some of our favorite ways to make the best use of a clear span building.

SKU : MEBU406016CSB3

40x60x16 Commercial Clear Span All Vertical

  • Width40
  • Length60
  • Height16
SKU : MEBU9014016CSB4

90x140x16 Commerical Clear Span All Vertical

  • Width90
  • Length140
  • Height16
SKU : MEBU306014CSB87

30x60x14 Regular Style Clear Span

  • Width30
  • Length60
  • Height14
SKU : MEBU304010CSB88

30x40x10 Aframe Vertical Roof Carport

  • Width30
  • Length40
  • Height10
SKU : MEBU505018CSB7

50x50x18 Fully Enclosed Clear Span All Vertical

  • Width50
  • Length50
  • Height18
SKU : MEBU608014CSB130

60x80x14 Aframe Shop

  • Width60
  • Length80
  • Height14

What is a Clear Span Building and What Kind of Roof Does It Require?

Our clear span buildings at Global Carport are so popular because of their versatile design. By designing them without interior columns or other obstructions, we create a wide-open space that’s simple to manufacture and easy to install. The durable steel frame structure is supported by a secure truss system, and the open design also allows for a higher ceiling, creating even more space to use for whatever you need.

Some of the most common applications for our clear span buildings are in the agricultural industry as metal barns or farm buildings, but they also make excellent aircraft hangars or warehouses. With no interior columns for support, the roof of a clear span building does the heavy lifting in terms of support and stability. This design is also more vulnerable to the accumulation of snow or debris if a flat roof is installed. That’s why we only use the superior vertical roof design with our clear span buildings. It has panels which are vertically-aligned to provide excellent protection against extreme weather conditions and additional framing components to enhance durability.

Five Interesting Applications of Clear Span Metal Buildings

The clear span metal building is more versatile than any other custom steel structure we offer at Global Carport, and our customers continue to find new and innovative ways to use them.

Commercial & Workshop Buildings

Commercial metal buildings are one of the most popular uses for the wide-open space a clear span building provides, along with workshop buildings for running a business or private use.

Aircraft Hangar

Own a helicopter or small plane? The high ceilings and uninterrupted open space make Global Carport’s clear span metal buildings the perfect choice for an aircraft hangar!

Outdoor Concert Shelter

If you have a large property and you love hosting concerts or festivals, then an outdoor concert shelter is a must for protecting both the musicians and your valuable equipment. A clear span metal building offers great visibility with excellent protection.

Skating Rink

Few winter pastimes inspire as much joy in children and adults as skating, and the backyard skating rink is an American tradition. With a clear span metal building, you can turn your rink into a sheltered neighborhood hub for casual skating and pickup hockey games!

Equipment & Vehicle Storage

Anyone in the agricultural industry knows just how much you have to invest in equipment and vehicles to be successful. Protecting your investment is simple, with a secure steel structure from Global Carport.

Options for Customizing Your Clear Span Building

Clear span metal buildings are incredibly versatile structures thanks to their uninterrupted open space, but where they really shine is their capacity for customization.

Our wide range of options for customization at Global Carport is designed to help you shape a clear span building to fulfill your specific needs. Start with the size, no matter how long, wide, or even tall you need it to be, we can find a way to make it work. We’ve got a huge selection of different doors and windows to suit any purpose or style. If you want to customize your frame-outs, anchors, or the gauge of the steel frame, we can make it happen, and if you need everything certified, we can take care of that too.

The right color can make a clear span building stand out incredibly, especially in residential applications. We offer thirteen carefully selected color options to help your building look its best:

  • Black f
  • Barn Red f
  • White f
  • Slate Blue
  • Sandstone
  • Rawhide
  • Quaker Grey
  • Pewter Grey
  • Pebble Beige
  • Evergreen
  • Earth Brown
  • Clay
  • Burgundy

Typical Clear Span Building Prices

The best way to get an accurate price on one of our clear span buildings is to give us a call on (800) 918-7432. Our friendly and knowledgeable building experts can talk through your situation and get you the best value for the options you need. Several things will impact the overall cost of the steel structure, including size, selected customization options, the gauge of the steel chosen, and the location where you want the building installed. There are two financing options available to make the process easier. You can rent-to-own or take advantage of our Global Carport financing program.

Major Benefits of Clear Span Metal Buildings

A custom clear span building combines the trademark durability of steel structures with an incredible amount of versatility to solve nearly any problem. A Global Carport clear span metal building also offers some other major benefits:

Quick Installation

Building a wooden structure takes a lot of time. Our clear span buildings are quick and easy to install, making them a superior choice.


Steel is far stronger and more durable than wood, and at Global Carport, we use only the highest quality materials and workmanship, ensuring your structure will stand for a lifetime.


Clear span buildings by Global Carport offer an incredible amount of open space with no interruptions from posts or columns. Maximum storage, maximum convenience.


Because our clear span buildings do not utilize any support columns, they actually require fewer materials than many of our other metal buildings, making them an extremely cost-effective solution.

Aesthetically Attractive

Clear span buildings can be customized so that they are a natural fit with your existing structures, whether you’re using it for business or residential purposes.

Clear Span Buildings - A Custom Solution To Any Problem!

There’s a reason Global Carport has become the best clear span metal building dealer in the United States. It’s all down to our uncompromising quality and a passion for finding creative solutions to the challenges our customers face. If you want a durable structure that can reduce your maintenance costs and provide you with flexible solutions to a variety of challenges, a clear span building is right for you.

Give us a call now on (800) 918-7432, one of our world-class building experts can help you find your perfect option.

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