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About Global Carport

We believe every problem has one perfect solution, and our passion is helping find it!

We Work With the Best

At Global Carport, we understand that two things are at the core of our decades of success as an online metal building dealer; the highest quality steel structures, and the best prices.

We partner with the best manufacturers in the United States to make sure that every building we offer is of superior quality. That quality gives our dedicated team of sales professionals the ability to provide outstanding customer service and the confidence that they can find a custom metal building to solve any problem.

Free, Fast Delivery

Our delivery and installation are free of charge

High Quality

Buildings designed to be durable for decades after installation

Exclusive 20 Year

Included a 20-year rust-through warranty with each 12-gauge metal building

Focusing on What Matters

Because we understand what’s made Global Carport successful in the past, we have a clear understanding of our mission going forward. Every day we focus on providing the highest quality metal structures at the best prices, and on offering the absolute best customer service possible.

The Future We See

Our custom metal structures at Global Carport are incredibly versatile, and that’s why we believe that they can solve nearly any problem, now and in the future. That’s what motivates us in our vision to become the leading online metal structures dealer on the planet.

The Principles That Guide Us






For Global Carport to succeed in becoming the leading online metal buildings dealer in the industry, we must have a clearly defined set of core values to guide us in every situation, big or small:


Everyone who works at Global Carport, from our customer service representatives to our manufacturing partners, takes pride in being the best at what they do. We hold ourselves accountable to our valued customers as well as our standards of excellence and reliability.


We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. This means we are constantly working to deliver the best possible customer experience we can, from the first contact to support after the sale. It also means ensuring that Global Carport only works with manufacturers who produce the highest quality metal structures.


We make it a point to be trustworthy and dependable, at both the company level and as individuals. Our commitment to the principles of quality and value guide us in all our decisions, even when no-one’s watching. That’s why Global Carport has earned a reputation as a company you can count on.


Passion comes from believing in what you do. We truly believe that metal buildings can solve an incredible array of problems, both in our personal lives and for businesses. By helping people discover the perfect solution to their problem, we know we can bring positive change to hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.


We are committed to ensuring that our steel structures are of the absolute highest quality for maximum durability. We appreciate that thousands of people trust our buildings to protect their belongings and their livelihood, not just today but for decades to come. The biggest driver of our success at Global Carport is that above all else, we understand that quality speaks for itself.

Steel Structures for Every Situation

The versatility of steel structures never fails to amaze us here at Global Carport. That versatility, coupled with our customization options, is what allows us to confidently say that if you give us a call on (800) 918-7432, we can help you find a solution to any problem you’re facing.

We offer all kinds of different custom metal buildings, including commercial buildings, clear span buildings, metal carports, metal garages, and metal barns. You can find Global Carport metal buildings all over the states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Alabama, Montana, Texas, Mississippi, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Arkansas, Oregon, and Washington.

Why Trust Global Carport?

We know that there are a lot of different options out there when it comes to ordering a custom metal building online. Global Carport stands above the crowd in a variety of ways. One of the most important is that we provide an exceptional customer service experience from start to finish.

The Best in the Business We’ve put in the time and work to become the best metal building dealer in America. All that experience means we are ready for anything.

Only High-Quality Buildings We refuse to work with manufacturers that use lower quality materials, as part of our commitment to producing only the highest quality metal buildings.

Customization Options We offer nearly limitless customization options to solve any problem and suit any preference. Just describe what you need to our building experts and let us make it happen.

The Best Prices in the Market By working directly with the top manufacturers in the industry, we can save you money without compromising on quality. The result is the most competitive prices around.

Get Your Building Sooner Once you’ve decided to buy a steel structure, you want to see it built as soon as possible. By offering the best lead times in the industry, we turn dreams into reality faster than anyone else.

Setup Is a Breeze When you decide to invest in a custom metal building from Global Carport, we take care of the rest. Exceptional customer service means free delivery & installation for you.

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Global Carport is more than happy to help out customers by ensuring that all your needs have been met. For more information on our metal structures, contact our sales representative to get started on your project today!

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