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A-Frame Roof Barns

A-frame roof barns are probably the most popular choice for anyone who wants a solid outbuilding that can be used for a wide variety of needs. The style fits in well with American architecture so that you can match your barn to your home for an effective style solution. Do you need a building that can provide space for a range of different uses? A-Frame roof barns from Global Carport are a perfect choice. Call us today at (800) 918-7432 to order yours!

Superior A-Frame Horizontal Roof Barns from Global Carport

When you choose Global Carport, you can be confident that you will get access to the best A-Frame roof metal barns on the market. Check out our range today!

SKU : MEBA443612AFRS76

44x36x12 Aframe Barn

  • Width44
  • Length36
  • Height12

12x12x8 Aframe Loafing Shed

  • Width12
  • Length12
  • Height8

What Makes A-Frame Roof Steel Barns So Special?

Are you wondering why A-Frame roof barn buildings are held up as one of the best types of outbuildings to have? Their unique structure, combined with high-quality materials and horizontal panelling, means that you are getting access to a metal building that will withstand the test of time.

The original design consists of a large central area with two lean-tos situated on the sides of the main area, providing you with one large space or three separate areas that can be used for all your storage needs.

Because the structure of these A-Frame roof prefab barns is so secure, you will be able to install one in any area, regardless of the weather and ground conditions. They are also fully-customizable for all your needs. Buying one of these structures will not only enhance your land but provide you with a workable storage solution.

What Can I Use My A-Frame Barns For?

Are you keen to find the right storage solution for your needs? Check out the wide range of uses that you can get from your A-Frame metal barns:

Hay Storage

Whether you’re storing small squares, large squares, or round bales, an A-frame barn will protect and preserve your hay better than any other option.

Horse stables and Riding arenas

The two lean-to buildings of an A-frame roof barn can be used for housing the horses as well as feeds, while racing or training can take place at the center. You can rest assured it will be both spectacular and highly functional.

Store your equipment

Lock your tools and equipment away to keep them free from damage and safe from intruders so that you can be certain your hard-earned items are safe and secure.

A home for your animals

Provide your animals with an A-Frame sheltered area where they can live and eat regardless of weather conditions outside. With so much room, you can separate each area to suit their needs.

House your vehicles

Store your vehicles when not in use and create a space where you can work on them when they need repairs without compromising on security.

Customize Your A-Frame To Suit Your Needs

Did you know that you can customize your A-Frame roof metal barn so that your needs are fully met? With different colors, sizes, and styles, you can create your unique design!

The exciting news is that you get to choose the size, select the perfect doors, windows, and even the anchors, steel framing, and wainscoting to suit your budget and requirements. Take your time to choose, because this steel building will be part of your life for many years to come and should be exactly what you want.

A-Frame roof barns from Global Carport also comes with the ability to customize the color so that you can match your building to suit your personality and style. The color options that are available to you include:

  • Black
  • Barn red
  • White
  • Slate blue
  • Sandstone
  • Rawhide
  • Quaker gray
  • Pewter gray
  • Pebble beige
  • Evergreen
  • Earth brown
  • Clay
  • Burgundy

Certified and Non-Certified A-Frame Metal Barns – Which Should You Choose?

When you are deciding between certified and non-certified metal barns, you must understand the difference between the two to end up with the right building for your requirements.

Certified buildings are manufactured to specific designs and offer established ratings for the wind speed and snow loads. Specific zoning areas require you to install certified buildings to get building permission, and it is important to check this before you spend your cash!

Non-certified buildings can be installed in areas that do not need building permits for metal structures. If your area allows you to install non-certified structures, then you can choose which type suits your needs rather than worrying about certifications. However, you may want to do your research to ensure that the metal building you buy will suit the climate and weather of the area you live in.

How Much Will You Need To Buy An A-Frame Roof Barn?

There is a wide range of factors that you will need to consider before you can get a price for your steel barn. From choosing a range of customizations, selecting a manufacturer, and considering the area in which you live – there are lots of things that you need to work out. The general starting price for A-Frame roof metal barns is around $3,660, with upgrades and add-ons increasing that price. However, it is easy to get a no-obligation quote when you choose Global Carport, meaning you will have a definite figure in mind before agreeing to purchase.

Can’t afford your new building outright? Don’t worry! Global Carport offers two financing options (rent-to-own and a financing program) that can get you the building you need at a monthly payment you can afford. Just get in touch at (800) 918-7432 to find out more.

Let Us Help You To Get the Metal Building You’ve Been Dreaming About

If you have been thinking about a new A-Frame metal barn for a while, then why not take the first step in making it a reality today? Global Carport works hard to provide the best quality buildings and superior customer service for every person that comes to us. We are committed to offering great value, a 20-year warranty and will deliver and install your building in next to no time.

Call us today at (800) 918-7432 to start customizing your new A-frame roof barn – we can’t wait to serve you!

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